When I look back, I see the torch that shines our path outraged by a vicious pandemic. I see empowered hunger vehemently striving to defeat. I espy the defenceless child tripping on inconsiderate words and falling into depression, I see their power diminishing and them growing into anxious adults. In my eyes the ultimate best-known key, education is blunting, losing power to open success doors.

When I look forward, I see a blurry future or maybe the tears from past pain are blinding my vision. I see scouting death victimising and devastating humankind. I foresee our leaders leading us into temptation with their soles lugged by ego. At last I see light, it is brewed from our heart’s core. Determination will open our eyes to the sight of better days. The humidity will finally clear and souls will provide light because only ourselves can save us, maybe not solemn but united.