Although these words may sound selfish and somewhat ignorant, in all honesty, I don’t care about the situation someone may be in. As men and women, we are endowed with an omnipotent gift from God, and that is our mind. Our mind, dear reader, is the foundation of our life and overall existence, our thinking is the projector of our reality.

Regardless of your race, education, financial background, religion, or how depressing, miserable and hopeless your life may seem, your thinking determines everything. This is the most valuable secret to have been passed down throughout the ages. And this, I believe, is the greatest truth you can ever read.

We live in a world that has infested our thinking with such negativity and erroneous facts, that most people fail to realize that the reason we hate our lives and ourselves is simply brought about by our way of constant negative thinking.

At any time and at any moment, any person can choose to think positively and the universe, by law, will manifest every thought you think. Whether you’re a street sweeper living in poverty with no degrees or you have no friends or family and or are even disabled, you have the potential to change your life. No matter what reason we may have, we are above any situation and circumstance, for we have our mind. And so long as we have our minds, we have everything.


Tell us: Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? Have you used it in your life?