I give thanks to all the organisations and campaigns that are empowering females – you’re doing a very remarkable job.

On behalf of all women and children, I thank you. My concern here, however, is the exclusivity of women and children. Women are being taught to be independent, to be their own bosses, to never beg a man in their lives, and all those other things on how to fight a man’s ill-treatment against women.

I mean… when all these things are done in the absence of men, some women feel “woman enough”, powerful and mighty and start ill-treating men. And this is not OK. Gender inequality is apartheid on its own course. Therefore, when we teach women how to do things that men can do, we’re launching a second phase of gender inequality. When we empower women, let’s not forget to remind them that men are human beings too, and must be respected as such.

Not all men are predators who prey on women.

When we empower women, let’s also teach men the value of a woman’s life – let’s teach these men that there can never be a man without a woman. As the late Bob Marley has said, “No woman, no cry”.

I am not a chauvinist, let alone a feminist. I am simply in favour of a balanced common ground, where all can sit peacefully without the fear of being segregated because of their gender. Let us not clean mud with mud – dirt never cleanses dirt. I know that all this sounds absurd, but it’s worth your consideration.


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