It’s been a month since Jake passed away. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t think of him. She often finds herself wishing she could simply turn back time to the way things used to be. From the kisses on her forehead waking her up, to freshly squeezed juice in the morning. She missed his smile and hearing him whispering, “Good morning, my wife.” She stopped herself from crying. It was nearly spring time but she was stuck in her own personal winter storm.

Jake was lovely. He made her smile on her darkest days. But he had a way of constantly worrying about her. She was carefree and never minding and he was the careful one. She told him that all that worrying would soon lead to his death. Oh, how she wished she had swallowed those words.

It was a Tuesday evening and Jake had been missing his wife. She was working late that evening and he had prepared supper. He made all her favourites, spaghetti and meatballs with lime juice. The night before, they had had a fight and he wanted to make it up to her.

Two hours had passed and Amy still wasn’t home. Jake began to worry. Amy didn’t always come home late; it was this particular Tuesday where she wanted a break from her husband. She wanted a night out with her girls, her only mistake was not mentioning it to Jake. Her phone was off. He had left a few calls.

“Amy, call me please. Where are you? Are you OK?” he left a voice note.

No response.

He was worried. Anything could have happened to her. This was not normal. He tried again…

“Amy. Please. Answer your…”

Before he could finish, the keys to the door made a sound. Amy walked in.

He just stared at her.

“Where have you been? I’ve been calling and you had me worried.” He said quite hurt.

Amy could only stare and then it had only occurred to her how wrong she had been.

“I’m so sorry baby. I was out with the girls. My battery died. I should have called you through one of them. It was a last minute thing hun.” She said feeling guilty. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he took his car keys and began to walk to the front door.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“I would never have done that to you! I thought something had happened to you.” He said angrily.

“Babe… I know… I wasn’t thinking.” She said coming closer towards him.

“Damn it Amy! Are you ever thinking?” He said and went to the door.

“Where are you going?” she cried.

“Out.” he said and shut the door behind him.

Amy was left there to stare at the cold food that she could have enjoyed if she had been home earlier.

Jake never made it home.

Amy learned to appreciate the people in her life and not take them for granted. She took Jake’s love for granted and it was taken away from her. She might have made a mistake but that mistake cost her happiness.


Tell us: Do you ever take people for granted?