Most people tend to not believe most of the facts that you may tell them, just because of the way and how you look. The competence of your message to people tends to be effective based on how you look, dress, and speak, and the level of your education.

For other people in your society to pay attention to your message, they would first of all look at the type of clothes you are wearing. If you are wearing fancy clothes, and other things that will qualify you that you as being part of a rich family, people would receive that message with all of their heart, in the same way they breathe oxygen in. On the other hand, if you are wearing shabby clothes, most people would intentionally ignore your message although you may be telling the truth.

There is also a very disgusting tendency in our society where we tend to judge other people’s messages based on their levels of education. In other words, we tend to pay a lot more attention to the messages that educated people disseminate to us and feel that they are true because they are educated, thinking they won’t tell us lies or deceive us.

The very disappointing part is that most people tend to perceive you as being a very stupid person if you choose to tell them the truth about something; others even reach a point of laughing at each and every line you tell them just because you didn’t go to school, and tend to describe you as being brainless. They tend to think or store memories in their heads that all people who went to school know everything and have never even held a pen in their hands.

If you are poor, most people tend to see you as an empty vessel that does not contain anything in it and is weightless, or as a transparent glass that has no knowledge.

One thing they don’t know is that appearance doesn’t matter, one may be at grass root’s level but may know many things that people living in cities or suburbs may not know. In other words, those people we see as being useless and not important to us usually some very important messages to tell us. Let’s not judge others.