Before I start with this essay, I feel that I should express the view that I was one of the biggest fans of Dragonball Z. Even my profile pictures and statuses have DBZ signatures on them. Nonetheless, I’ve seen that Dragonball Z and certain other animes have satanic symbols that are aimed towards deceiving a Christian.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything. If you watch DBZ you will go to Hell. You need to repent, this is for everyone who has watched DBZ. For those who don’t know the anime, it’s from Japan and has certain individuals that have supernatural powers. The show depicts life after death, a huge green dragon that can be summoned through the 7 dragonballs, witchcraft, and much more.

The Bible tells us that Satan fell from Heaven as a dragon to the earth, and his aim is to deceive as many people as possible. In Japan, the dragon is worshipped, hence the reason why DBZ shows the dragon that grants you wishes. Listen to the intro of the opening theme song, and you’ll hear that the “dragon” name is emphasised more than 10 times.

I’ve done a lot of research on this anime. I’ve seen with my own eyes because I was a huge fan. Everyone who knows me can attest to that I was the biggest DBZ fan. I even had music albums of the background music. In short I was addicted. It’s not only me; 90% of the world is addicted to DBZ.

DBZ shows the 666 symbol, a sign and number of the beast, when Goten lifts the car that’s driven by Videl and Gohan. Videl means devil when it’s rearranged. In the Buu saga, which was my favourite saga of all time, witchcraft dominates the majority of the episodes. In the final fight between Goku and evil kid Buu, the citizens of earth chant “Satan, Satan, Satan,” when they’re sending their life energy to Goku’s spirit bomb.

Through researching on various websites the evil of DBZ and other animes, I’ve found that DBZ fans, like my past self, argue that DBZ can’t be evil because Goku is a good person and kills bad villains. The thing is Goku’s powers are portrayed similarly to God-like powers. He uses “ki” and “chi” which is related to the spirit.

Let me not over explain. It’s not only DBZ, there’s Naruto and YU-GI-OH as well. As a kid I used to play YU-GI-OH cards, but the show has illuminati symbols all over it. Yet people can’t see that. Have we become so gullible in such a way that we can’t see evil right in front of us? I blame myself as well for loving DBZ in such a way that I didn’t pay much attention to the satanic signs that are evident on the show.

Ask yourself this, what makes you like DBZ? Or, why does the world love DBZ? It’s simple, the devil’s name and number is shown repeatedly towards the middle and end of the franchise in a consistent manner.

I dreamt of DBZ, I saw it in the sky. I saw an episode playing, and I quickly recognised it. The Buu saga was playing on the clouds. I looked above the cloud and saw a lion staring at me, I looked to the east side of the clouds, and the lion still looked at me. I looked to the west, and the lion still looked at me. In short, wherever I looked the lion appeared. The following day I went to buy popcorn, and I saw the same lion in the poster of the popcorn packet. I was scared at first, but now I know it was the Lion of Judah.

I hope that you’ll read this with an open mind. Because the devil has deceived a lot of people through DBZ and various other animes.

Do you think that God is happy to see an anime that shows violence, witchcraft, dragon worshipping, and satanic symbols? Like really, you are a Christian, open your eyes and see the truth for what it is. I don’t have a problem with DBZ, but I have a problem with the satanic signs, and they deceive us into believing that the show is good. In short, anime’s such as Naruto, DBZ, and YU-GI-OH should be banned from audience view. Naruto talks about demons whilst YU-GI-OH portrays dragons as well, including an Egyptian pyramid that has an eye symbol on its middle, which is the eye of Horus. The devil is in the entertainment industry. There are a few people who have noticed this and the ultimate deception that the devil has brought for the whole world.

Ask yourself this, how can something with satanic symbols become famous? It’s simple: the devil knows how to entertain, it’s there in the bible.

I urge all of you to read the Bible, you will know the real truth. The Bible will not deceive you at all. Like I said in the beginning, I used to be a huge DBZ fan, but now I’ve seen its evil. I’ve even got nightmares as I was hesitant to write this truth about various animes, but God gave me the strength to do this and I’m grateful.

I have had nightmares where I would feel myself being pulled down. I have seen a skeleton trying to take my soul. I have seen a one eyed baby, and most recently I have seen words written on the wall when I wake up, but when I attempt to read it they disappear. I have also been tempted to sign a contract as well. All of this was done to stop me from eventually exposing the truth behind everything that’s evil in the entertainment industry.

People I won’t lie to you, I haven’t really read the bible too much in the majority of my existence, but I know that 666, dragons, and witchcraft represents Satanism. I’ve read through research a person stating that he prefers Dragonball Z more than Christianity because DBZ is way better and understandable than Christianity. In other words, the devil is way better than God’s word according to him.

God has a plan for all of us. Do you want to go to Heaven or Hell? Make your choice ASAP because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Repent.

Everything that’s in the Bible is true. The devil has created the ultimate form of sabotage to deceive people from the Bible through the entertainment industry. Be careful of what you feed your mind with, because your subconscious won’t be able to differentiate between real or fake. That’s if it’s even fake at all.

The devil wants to bring as many souls to Hell as he can because he has a short time, but how? Through the entertainment industry. Don’t be afraid of the truth people because the devil doesn’t want you to know the truth. He wants to deceive you, and he’ll try all tactics to scare you when you start to think out of the box. But know this: God will help you to find the truth.

The vast and I mean the vast majority of the world knows about DBZ because Satan has given it power to entertain us while we were still kids because when most of us started to watch the show we were little kids. We saw Goku powering up against Vegeta, and our thoughts were like wow, incredible, unbelievable, what’s happening, the guy has red aura around him, etc. Yeah that’s when the devil had got us without us even realising it because we were still kids. Even teenagers get hooked to DBZ from the get go. Remember the time when you’d pretend that you were Goku or Vegeta? Or the time when your friends would draw the DBZ characters, and they’d look very similar.

My goal was to create stories that had a mixture of DBZ and Naruto inspiration, but all those ideas have evaporated into thin air because the Bible doesn’t support such ideologies. It certainly doesn’t go down well with me either.

Some people will repent, some will think I’m losing my marbles, whilst others will continue to watch such animes and think what I’ve said doesn’t exist. But all I can say is think critically without a biased mind and view all of these animes without any emotion, and you’ll see that your inner self knows that DBZ has satanic elements and that God hates anything to do with Satan. Go to YouTube and type “Yu-Gi-Oh introduction video” and tell me if that is a show that kids are supposed to watch. A true priest wouldn’t allow their child to even watch it if he saw the intro in an analytical manner. The problem is that people think that cartoons and animes are childish. This is why the devil is there because he knows that parents don’t really pay attention to their kids watching cartoons or animes because they are dubbed as “kid’s shows.”

That is the most painful part because kids like almost everything that’s interesting whilst still young, and once you like something as a kid it’s very difficult to hate it when you grow up. This is how the whole world knows DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto. It’s almost a guaranteed fact that each and every kid will enjoy one of those shows. We’re going to be parents one day. Our kids should know that those kid’s shows aren’t entirely portrayed as ‘kid’s shows’.

I plead to all Christians to read the whole of Revelations, but pay special attention to Verse 12:9 which states that “The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” The dragon in DBZ has those similar features.

There’s one last anime that I used to enjoy watching. Like DBZ, it portrays dragons as well, and was even sold in Simba packets like DBZ, and that anime is Beyblade.

Read the Bible, especially the book of Revelations, and you’ll see that a lot of the things occurring today were mentioned in the Christian book. Stay blessed people.