We are living in a world where we are being conditioned to believe that a “one size fits all” philosophy is applicable and should be the way in which unique human beings created by God ought to live. But on the contrary, the author and the Creator of the universe is not a duplicator but a Creator according to Genesis 1:1.

In the midst of this diversity, today we will learn about an eagle who thought he was a chicken. This eagle grew up with chickens because it was found as an egg, not yet conceived, by the farmer. As soon as the eagle was growing up, it became conditioned to believe that it had the limited abilities of a chicken. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances the eagle found itself in, like many of us – the chickens could only fly for a short distance which led to the eagle learning to fly only for a short distance.

But today, we need to put a pause button on this story. Why was the eagle acting like a chicken all these years? Why was the eagle lured into believing that it could not become its original blueprint by the way it was designed and created? It was simply because it was conditioned not to believe in its innate ability to fly.

We as human beings have been conditioned to believe that we are only created for the bare minimum or we are made to believe that we don’t deserve the good things which are in store for us. In contrast to the above, we were uniquely created and born to fly and risk it all towards the direction of our dreams, potential and purpose.

Now the question is, how can we become eagles? Public figures like Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, and Nelson Mandela persevered into becoming global icons of their specific fields or careers.

Firstly, we have to follow up on the goals we have set for ourselves, for instance they might be educational, academic, business or personal goals.

Secondly, live up to the power of your abilities, don’t put yourself behind despite the negative words someone said to you.

Thirdly, prove them wrong. Sometimes life is all about out working and soaring above the glass ceiling that your family, friends, community or surroundings have set for you.

Summing up, especially in the times of this global pandemic, it is easier to blend in to fit into the crowd, or to become negative and lose hope. Do not lose your fire or that dream that keeps knocking at your heart. You are made to soar above the negative energies that the world tries to entangle you upon.

In closing, it is not who you are, your race, age, colour, disability or shortcomings that hold you back, but is who you think you are not.

Eagle thou art an eagle – spread your wings and fly.

#WinnersNeverQuit #QuittersNeverWin #LetsGo


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