Amogelang Pernveance Matlhola
Name/s: Amogelang Kentsefetse Tshidiso Primrose Perseverance Pernveance
Surname/s: Matlhola, Monamodi, Monametsi, Matsobe
Time/day/date of birth: 05:30 am Saturday 12 July 1997

Facts about Amogelang
• I have a heart of gold
• I don’t judge easily
• I have survived many trials in life
• I put others’ needs before my own
• I feel alive when I am being helpful
• I don’t regret my choices
• I don’t look back

Who am I in the bible?

King Solomon: a wealthy and smart king of the of Israelites, who succeeded his father David. God has blessed me with wisdom beyond compare. I always know what to do or say, and I can make compromises where others find none. I was born to lead, and it won’t be long until others follow.

Which state do I belong in?

I belong in America. America, the country with cities that never sleep. Los Angeles and New York are found there. I have a crazy side that’s always ready to party. Though I am mostly chilled and I just want to have a good time, I am also ambitious and driven to success.

Which angel is protecting me?

Nuriel, which translates to “Fire Of The Lord”. Nuriel is the angel responsible for all hailstorms.

I am a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. I smile, even when I am sad. I laugh and cry too. I am stronger than anyone realises and I never give up. I know that life is short and precious and there’s always hope. I am a sea, beautiful to watch, but dangerous when angered.

Five Reasons To Marry Me

1. I am responsible.
2. I am great at taking care of people.
3. I can brighten up anyone’s day.
4. Any time with me is quality time.
5. I can spice things up.

A m o g e l a n g!

A – Acts like a boss
M – Most beautiful
O – Oozing sex appeal
G – Golden heart
E – Endearing
L – Loyal to loved ones
A – Attractive
N – Never gives up
G – Good kisser

I am very sensitive and caring by nature, although I present a tough exterior to the world. I soon learned ways to protect my feelings, which run very deep and tender. As a lover I seek security and fidelity, although I am not above a few flirtatious peccadillos of my own. I can be deeply wounded if the one I trust betrays my trust. I am poetic and romantic, but I am also very practical in matters of home and raising a family.

Animal: Crab

Stubborn and possessive of my relationships. I am extremely devoted and protective towards family and friends. I don’t like small banter and that makes me extremely hard to understand, but once you get to know me I will be a lifelong friend.

Gemstone: Ruby

• I represent purity, nobility and passion.
• I am protective.
• I am able to share my energy with those around me.
• I protect against negative entities.
• I promote spiritual vitality and overall wellness.

A ruby is a gemstone. Rubies are extremely strong, registering nine on the Mohs’ Scale. The Mohs’ scale is based on a test to see how easily a gem is scratched. Rubies are as tough as sapphires and slightly softer than diamonds. The ruby is known as the king of precious stones.

Natural Element: Water

• I am the only force of nature that can’t be contained.
• Every morning I cleanse myself of yesterday’s dirt.

Water is one of the three elements of nature. Beautiful to look at, but dangerous when angered. Water is the strongest force of nature.

Flower: Primrose

The word primrose is derived from the Latin word ‘primus’ which means first.

• I represent security and protection
• I am the first rose
• I pave the gateway to fairies
• I bring good luck, health and new beginnings.

My Names

‘Amogelang’ means accept. This name was given to me by my great-grandmother when my mother was pregnant with me. There was a rivalry between my mother and grandmother.
So my great grandmother named me Amogelang.

‘Tshidiso’ means comfort. This name was given to me by my father: when I was born my grandfather was departing.

‘Kentsefetse’ means to multiply

‘Primrose’ is a pale yellow flower that only blossoms or sprouts during wintertime.

‘Perseverance’ means patience, endurance.
I am 24 years of age, 291 months old, 1 266 weeks, 8 867 days, 212 828 hours, 12 769 201 minutes, and 766 182 104 seconds.

• This means the sun has risen 8 867 times in my lifetime.
• I have slept about a 1/3 of my life ,which is 70 942 667 hours.
• If live to the age of 100 I will likely blink 1 billion times.

Clan Names

• Motshweneng
• Bakweneng

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