It’s funny, isn’t it, the life we live?

Sometimes we’re down, sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re in the middle. We always seem to think “life’s a bitch” when things go wrong or “life’s a beach” when things go swiftly.

You know what’s sad?

Most of us only reach out to God when something’s wrong or when we want something. We often ask God where He is when we are getting robbed or when we’re very broke. But we always seem to forget Him when we’re happy or when we’re about to do something bad.

We convince ourselves that what we’re about to do is “not a sin” or that we’ll “pray for forgiveness later” or “well, at least I’m not in jail for murder.” Excuse me if I’m confused but I don’t remember sins being weighed. A sin is a sin, right?

I don’t know my Bible from the beginning to the end and I can’t quote from the Bible to save my life. But I live by Matthew’s messages through his parables and I take in the message my Pastor tries to get through to me. For instance, there are people my age who already have that connection with God. Yes, I pray, go to church and believe in Him, but I feel like there’s something I lack but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“Seek and you shall find”, right? I don’t know what kind of place Heaven is but I’m pretty sure it’s worth seeking His Righteousness for.