Nandi got ready to go to school anxiously. She couldn’t make up her mind but she prepared for the worst.

She walked to school still making up her mind. She walked and saw Mzi and Sfiso arguing about Nandi. In a way, it made her feel special because two boys were fighting over her. For the first time in forever, there were two boys who loved her. She found herself in a love triangle.

She didn’t have the guts to approach them, so she ignored them. She didn’t have friends or siblings to ask for advice because everyone thought she was a weirdo. She also didn’t have the guts to ask her mother.

It was a very long day of ignoring the two boys. On her way home a taxi stopped next to her, she didn’t even notice because she was in deep thought. The guy whistled and she looked at him. He looked strong, muscular and wore a gold chain. He looked like he was in his late thirties.

“Why is a beautiful girl like you walking in this heat?” he said, smoothly.

“What else can I do?” she giggled.

“Hop in, I will never let a beautiful girl like you walk in this heat without giving you a lift. By the way they call me Bra Skips,” he said.

Nandi giggled and got in, with a total stranger. Bra Skips changed the genre of the music to R’n B. Nandi started to blush.

“Please drop me off here,” she said, it was five houses before hers.

Nandi couldn’t stop thinking about Bra Skips, she didn’t even sleep. All she thought about was why he would approach her of all girls, why would he choose an ugly, fat girl, she thought.

The next day she did not want to go to school, so she bunked. Bra Skips found her.

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” he asked, in his smooth voice.

“Nah, I didn’t want to go, so I didn’t.”

“So you are telling me you have the whole day off? Would you like to spend it with me?”

She tried to play hard to get but couldn’t resist those muscular arms. She giggled and got in once again, sitting in the front.

They went to the beach then to a fancy restaurant. Bra Skips even bought Nandi some clothes. She had to sneak her new clothes through the window. She threw herself on her bed. She looked at the celling and all she saw was Bra Skips beautiful smile. But then Sfiso came and knocked on the door and spoiled everything.

Nandi’s mother went and opened the door but Nandi stormed to open the door before her mother.

“I just came to drop your school work because, you won’t there,” Sfiso said.
Nandi grabbed the work at closed the door in poor Sfiso’s face.

Nandi’s mother became suspicious and all Nandi could say was, “We are doing a project together.”

“Oh,” her mother said, but still looked suspicious.
Nandi would say she is sick and spend some time with Bra Skips. Nandi saw a beautiful future with Bra Skips.

A few months after, she became sick and began throwing up. Nandi’s mother got worried and took her to the local clinic.

“She is two months pregnant,” the sister said.

She could not abort her baby, so she gave birth a few months later.


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