Covers are like proverbs, it means that all that ‘glitters is not gold’. Most of us usually look at objects from then judge those objects as we see them instead of looking at them thoroughly to behold what they hold inside. The original and true contents hide within it. That’s the thing with books, the cover may be well designed with colourful and attractive graphics but the content will not match up to what you see on the outside.

Many of the old books’ design is plain and ordinary with the focus on the content rather than the design, that’s why they are still classics today. A good example is, “The Old Man and the Sea” written by American writer and Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway’s book only had 75-80 pages and the most plain cover design one could think of but when one read the book you simply could not put it down. He stole the hearts of many people with his outstanding writing.

Today we see many men and woman try and portray themselves as gentlemen and ladies by wearing expensive suits and colourful dresses. These attires do not reflect a real man or woman, famous men and women live simple lives with no focus on their clothes. For examples, famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton always wore very cheap clothes which were dirty most of the time as he was only focused on his work and the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi used to wear simple cheap loincloth (a small piece of white cloth). Many notorious criminals and conmen look like gentlemen from the outside, because of their suave and smart dress style.

In conclusion, we have to look at a book, a man or an object from it’s the inside out. Originality comes from the object itself, from what’s inside. That is how we should view people as well.