Everyone wants to be rich. This is motivated by the luxurious lifestyle that comes with being rich.

Social media

Social media has never made it easier for the poor. Almost all the aspects portrayed on social media is all about rich people’s lifestyles; we even have to watch them on TV in the comfort of our own homes to top things all off. Social media has always been advertising or showing all that seems to be important in life, which is having finer things in life and being rich and this way you can enjoy life and live happily. This is the reason that many people want to be rich faster, hence there are more crimes, frauds and scams all in the name of making money and becoming rich faster.

The society

Society has never made it easier as well. Growing up looking at those rich families is torture; having to want or wish for something that you know your family can’t afford is just heart-breaking. The saying about the rich always getting richer and the poor always remaining poor or even getting poorer is the logic in our societies and it’s the one that keeps on suppressing many people to reach their full potential. This has been proven by it always seeming like a struggle to get out of poverty or even dare to dream big. Many disadvantaged people who dared to dream big eventually lose hope because mostly they have many doors shut in their faces. The opportunities and their ideas being stolen under their noses by the very rich and powerful people. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all rich people are bad. So given the reason above many people give up their big dreams and options to settle or accept their situation because they never experienced anything better or greater and some don’t even believe it is possible.

My belief

Though I know that money is evil and it is the root of all evil, but if wanting finer things in life, like being able to finally travel to that place I always dreamt of, being able to build that house I designed myself and finally buying my first car sounds evil then that is not my definition of evil. Society’s logic of the poor gets poorer, I refuse to believe or accept it. This sounds like a curse. So help me God: I will always dream big and strive to become and do the great things that I know I can do. Hence I say I want to be rich and it is what I’ve always wanted.

I encourage everyone to believe in themselves. Work hard and strive for perfection when it comes to your dreams; even God will be surprised and bless you seeing your determination. Never let anyone or your situation discourage you. Obstacles may come but they should never be the termination of your destination towards your goals and dreams. Always believe and trust yourself and God, for he can change your destiny and your future.


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