I don’t need fancy things in my life, for all the fancy things come to an end. I don’t desire most of these fancy things in my life, for they have an expiry date. I don’t waste my time with sleepless days and nights, asking God to bless me with fancy things in my life, for they have a short lifespan.

All I want in my life as I breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide is wisdom and a better working environment to share my knowledge with other people, for knowledge is richer than all the fancy things that exist here on earth.
I repeat, all I want in my life is to share my knowledge from my studies to other people, so that they may acquire the same knowledge.

My life does not rest on things that are fake or fancy, for I was created originally. All of these fancy gadgets, cars, clothes, shoes and others to come to an end, they all reach a point where they say goodbye to us, they reach a point where we no longer regard them as being important in our lives.

All I want in my life is something that is very original, to shine like stars at night. Even though many people laugh at me and tend to give me some nasty names because of what I whispered in their ears about what I want in my life. Still, I don’t get disappointed but rather use those responses from people as sources of motivation in my life, to keep on working hard towards my goals, and again, to grow strong and be the better version of myself.