Bernard and Precious used to play together when they were children. They were not family, but they were neighbours and friends. These two children used to play together, but there was a conflict between their families. They started school together, and helped each other with their schoolwork.

Then they grew up and Bernard started to develop feelings for Precious, but he was afraid to tell her how he felt about her. One day, Bernard wrote a letter to Precious that said: “My family will be away this weekend. Can you come and visit me?” Bernard was terrified that Precious would reject his letter. Precious took her time to respond to Bernard’s letter. She felt afraid that her parents would not allow her to visit Bernard, because of the grudge that they held against Bernard’s family.

Finally, Precious responded to Bernard’s message: “As you know, there is a conflict between our families and your parents dislike me. I won’t be able to come to your home, but I will see you at break time on Monday at school.

Bernard was so happy to hear from Precious. He couldn’t concentrate at school; his mind was only on Precious. However, he was also afraid to go and meet Precious because it was the first time that he had felt this way about a girl. His actions showed that he was in love.

Precious started to realise that Bernard had feelings for her, and that she too had feelings for him. One day, on a casual Friday day at school, Precious wore her pink dress, make up and high heels. She looked stunning. She couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror.

Everybody looked at her when she got to school. The boys were even whistling at her. She went straight to her classroom. As she entered the classroom she found Bernard, waiting for her! She felt very shy to look at Bernard.

Precious started staring at Bernard and said, “Hi, Bernard! You look so handsome, as always.”

Bernard stood up and said, “You look so beautiful too, Precious. You look so stunning, as always. There is no need for you to use make up, because you are always beautiful.”

Precious started to blush. She and Bernard started to hold hands, and Bernard began to express his feelings for Precious. He went down on one knee.

“You know, the first time I saw you, I felt charmed and happy. I started loving you in our childhood, but today is the day that I’ve been waiting to tell you: I love you! I love you, Precious. I can’t stop thinking about you. Please love me back! I want to show you how much you mean to me.”

Tears rolled down from Precious’ eyes.

“Please babe, don’t cry. Your tears are golden and I don’t deserve them.”

Precious was speechless. She said: “I love you too, Bernard. I can’t stop thinking about you either.”

Bernard felt very happy to hear this.

Bernard pulled Precious closer to him and put her hand on his chest. He said: “Do you hear this heart beat? In my heart is where you belong.” Bernard lay his lips on Precious’ juicy lips and kissed her. Precious’ heart was beating very fast. It felt like she was in another part of the world. It was the best kiss ever.

Precious was in a good mood when she arrived home after school. She was even singing one of Celine Dion’s songs, called “I love you.” Her family was surprised to see her so happy. She was very happy in a mysterious way.

When Precious had finished her household chores she went straight to her room to complete her schoolwork. She was busy with her schoolwork when the message tone on her phone rang. The message was from Bernard. It said: “I love you, babe. Have a good night and sweet dreams, my love.”

Precious responded to the text. She typed: “I wonder if you know how special you are. I wonder if you know how lucky I am to have you in my life. Love you and good night.

Bernard was so happy to see the reply from Precious. One day after school, Bernard went to his house with Precious. When they arrived, Bernard said, “Babe, I love you. I want to ask you something. As our families will be away during the weekend, can you come and visit me? I mean, can you come and sleep at my place?”

Precious took her time to answer, but because she loved Bernard she replied, “Yes babe, I will.”

Bernard’s idea was to surprise Precious, because the following day was Valentine’s Day, as well as Precious’ birthday. Precious slept over at Bernard’s house. They both enjoyed the night and it was nice and romantic.

The following day was the 14th of February, which was Valentine’s Day as well as Precious’ born day. Precious was turning 18 years old. Bernard woke up early in the morning to decorate the house for her birthday. Bernard’s decorations were so beautiful and romantic, with the words “WILL YOU BE MINE FOREVER?” printed on balloons.

When Precious woke up she found Bernard staring at her. She said, “Babe, why are you staring at me?”

Bernard rolled his eyes and said, “Babe, you are beautiful even when you wake up. There is no difference. You look so hot. Please come downstairs with me to see what I’ve made for you.”

“Wow!” said Precious, when she saw all the decorations. “Babe, you’ve done all of this for me? Wooow, just wow!”

“Yes,” replied Bernard, “I just wanted to spoil my babe. Remember that it’s your birthday and Valentine’s Day? I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate you and how much you mean to me.”

Bernard then took out a letter that he had written for Precious and read it out to her:

“When I think of you, my heart pumps joy. Joy in my mind, joy that I have never known before. You are the new joy of my life. Your beautiful smile, your sexy lips, your stunning and gorgeous looks drive me crazy. I don’t love you for your beauty; I love you for your personality. I embrace all the haters who hate me and our perfect relationship.”

Precious was so happy. She felt like the only girl in the world. The following day, Precious left early in the morning because her parents were coming back.

At the end of the year, Precious and Bernard got their matric results. They then both went on to obtain their bachelor’s degrees. After that, they decided that they were both mature enough, and that they had hidden their relationship for too long. It was time to spill the beans to their parents. No matter the circumstances, they knew that they would love each other against all odds.

At home, Precious decided to speak to her mother. “Mom,” she said, “I am in love.”

“You are what?” asked her mother in surprise.

“I am in love,” repeated Precious. “I am in love with Bernard.”

Her mother began to shout at her. “Precious,” she cried out, “please don’t drive me crazy! You have pushed too far! What were you thinking? Bernard of all people! Are you insane? Look at me, dammit!” Her mother even pointed at her with the knife that she was using to chop spinach.

“But Mom!” cried Precious. “I am not crazy. I am a big girl now. You can’t choose who I should date and who I shouldn’t! It is my choice, my decision and my life! I love Bernard and I can’t just pretend that nothing is happening. Bernard and I have been secretive about our relationship since we were in Grade 7, so now we have decided to spill the beans.”

“So then you will have to choose between this family and Bernard,” her Mom told her.

“But Mom!” said Precious, “I can’t choose between two things that I love. That is unfair. But fine, I have decided. I choose Bernard, because he is the love of my life. I’ll pack my bags and just leave your house!”

“It’s fine!” shouted her mother. “Leave!”

As Precious was about to step outside the house, her mother stopped her and said: “You can’t go in the middle of the night! Fine, I’ll accept your relationship with Bernard!”

Bernard had also told his family about the relationship, and they too had kicked him out of the house.

Two weeks later, Bernard found a job and bought himself a house. Precious moved in with him and they lived happily ever after, even though their parents didn’t appreciate the relationship. They loved each other against all odds.

The End


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