I went straight to the bank to block my card, even though it was already late. When I came back I went straight to the police station and explained what happened. To my surprise, the police officer advised me to go see the doctor afterward.

What am I going to say to the doctor? I thought to myself, “Doctor, I’ve just been robbed.” Confused, I kept thinking.

Finally, I brushed the thought away, then decided to go to my friend.

When I arrived, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

I couldn’t answer, the tears just came running. She asked me to come inside. I just sat down and sobbed.

She gave me a tissue and a glass of water. The water tasted funny, but I didn’t say anything. Then I stood up.

“I got to go, sorry I just pitched up unannounced like this,” I said.

“I can’t let you go, like this,” She answered with a very deep concern.

“I need to go to my room, and be alone,” I insisted.

“OK, you’ll call me when you need to talk?” She said as I left.

When I arrived in my room I just went straight to bed, sobbed and sobbed till I fell asleep.

In the morning, I was awakened by a soft knock on my door. I got up to see who was there.

“Morning,” she said, handing me a mug of milo.

We sat on the bed and drank.

“Mmmh. Nice and sweet,” I said and smiled.

She replied, “Yes, just like the water I offered yesterday.”

“Now, I know I like sweet things, but to put sugar in my water!” We laughed.

After that, we sat quietly. In that moment of silence, she explained, “I’ve put some sugar in your water, ‘cause I noticed you were shocked and shaking. I couldn’t sleep at night, now tell me what happened.”


Tell us: Do you have friends like this?