Imagine a world without sadness, anger or broken hearts. Then all we would have to do would be smile all day. Imagine all we ever felt was happiness and we got everything we ever dreamt of. As great as it sounds it would be boring. What would be the use of education if you could’ve just wished for it? What would be the use of going to work when you could have all the money in the world?

In fact, what would be the use of waking up in the morning when you had no purpose, since you had everything you wanted? We would be as good as dead.

It makes us realise that as much as we hate being broken-hearted, sad, or angry, these emotions give us meaning in life. They are an inspiration to us to wake up and earn happiness. A broken heart can teach you the best life lessons.


Tell us: Do you agree that a broken heart brings the best lessons in life?