Sometimes, some of the simple things we tend to see every day with our own naked eyes as being unimportant can at some point in time teach us some valuable advice and even lessons about life.

A tree is one of the good examples.

A tree is always tall and its branches, together with its leaves, are always dancing to provide us with good and fresh air. This is great advice from trees that symbolically means that whenever we are still breathing here on earth, let’s always learn to stand tall and be proud or happy about ourselves and not look down on what other people may say about us.

In addition to above, a tree basically uses a lot of water (and sunlight) for its food-making process in its leaves which is called photosynthesis, and a day never passes without using water. This is also one of the good health advices from a tree to advise us that we must drink a lot of water, for it is good for our health. In other circumstances, water helps to remove salts and other nasty things inside our body and even heals us from other diseases that may affect our body.

A tree never abandons its roots, no matter how old they may grow, how beautiful or ugly people may choose to claim, how thick or thin they may be, and no matter how tall a tree may grow, it never forgets to look down on its roots like its mother. Without the roots, it can’t grow that tall. A tree always remains on its roots.

This is a one of the greatest pieces of advice from a tree, to say, “never forget where you come from.” This includes our families, friends and even those who were around us when we were young, or before growing up to the point we are at. A tree is also trying to advise us that no matter how educated, rich we may become, famous we may also be, we should never forget or abandon those people who were there with us when we were nothing or the times we had nothing at all in our lives.

Furthermore, a tree is also advising us that we must never forget our roots which is, obviously, our parents. We should always respect, honour and keep our parents happy at all times because without them we couldn’t exist here on earth. Without their hardworking spirits to engage themselves into different businesses or jobs, we couldn’t go far with our education and be in a different position than we are right now. Let’s know and realise that some of our friends are even dying to have such caring and loving parents like the ones that we have. Our parents effectively deserve to be respected at all times. Some of our friends were thrown into the toilets after birth by their bad and desperate mothers, and others were aborted on their mission to see how beautiful this earth we are living on is.

So, as special people who were taken or provided with good care, let’s be like a tree and never forget them, no matter how beautiful or ugly people may claim, how illiterate they may be, and how rich or poor they may be. Let’s us not forget them, and never be ashamed of having them, for they are our roots

A tree also advises us to be satisfied or content with our natural beauty. If you can take a good look at a tree with a microscopic eye, you will notice that a tree is beautiful. What do I mean? All I am trying to say is that the green colour that is embedded on its leaves, and even fruits that some of the trees produce, provides beauty, and it portrays that it is really satisfied with its natural beauty from God’s creation. That is why it never changes to any other shape or colour. In other words, a tree has no any other desires to look like other trees, it always remains the same for many years, for it is satisfied with its natural beauty. A tree does not get worried or sad that it does not look the same as other trees.

Let us be satisfied with our own natural beauty from God and how special he created us. Let us not compare ourselves with other people in terms of beauty, for we are all beautiful in our own ways. Just imagine, even different blood vessels and veins in our bodies are all satisfied in how they look. We should always know that if we are not satisfied or don’t feel happy for how we look, we are always going to be sad in our lives, regret how we look eternally, and even reach a point of going for plastic surgery. In short, this just portrays that we don’t appreciate God for who we are. It’s like God just wasted his time creating us.

Again, a tree allows birds to build their nests on its branches up until their babies learn to fly. When a tree is doing so, it does not look on what type of a bird is building a nest on its head. A tree does not look on the size of the bird that is building a nest on its branches, no matter how big or small a bird is, a tree allows any bird to build a nest on it. In this case, a tree does advise us to learn how to interact or associate with people from different backgrounds, levels, tribes, races and other aspects of life. Further to this, we should not ignore people who come to us seeking help. In addition to this, let us not expect anything in return, except maybe a word of appreciation, even though saying “thanks” seems to be the most difficult thing to do after being assisted. This can be demonstrated in the way a tree willingly allows any bird to build a nest on it without expecting anything else in return from the build, though birds never appreciate the good deeds done by the tree. The best thing they do is to leave their nests in the trees and then migrate to other places together with their babies without even apologizing to the trees, to never return.

In life, such kind of people do exist everywhere, the ones who don’t even appreciate the good things we do for them or have done for them. Instead, let’s have a heart of just helping people with an aim of doing God’s words that are written in the Bible for God feels happy with a person who helps other people in need.

A tree willingly also helps to prevent soil erosion along the river banks. A tree does this by making sure that the soil does not get washed away by holding the soil to its roots so that water from the rivers and rain must not snatch away the soil in its hands. A tree is also advising us here that we should have that heart of helping those who are down on us or from lower levels, those people who are suffering, spending sleepless night and days crying for their problems, hindering their lives in our society.

Let’s take our time in helping such people by at least sharing with them what we have, comforting, cherishing them and even lowering yourself to their level and working with them in different development projects. By doing so, God does feel happy up there in heaven and even rewards you with some unexpected blessings. For instance, there are people in villages who are lacking money just to buy food, a tablet of a soap for their families, and even pay fees for their children who are in schools. Again, there are people who are suffering in the hospitals, who are failing to buy medicine and even to pay dept. There also people at the prison who are living in unhygienic environments, yet we are always spending our money on our wants, instead of just sparing even a quarter of that money to buy some of the needs that the needy are lacking in our societies. We tend to see it as a loss to ourselves.

Lastly, even though people do cut down trees, including its branches, and use it for firewood and even for building their houses, still a tree does not give up, but instead it grows into a newer and stronger shoot than the previous one. Even though it cries a bit when people are cutting it using their axes and other cutting machines, it never revenges on humans by going to them and shouting or doing any evil practices to them. Instead, a tree just keeps on growing taller and stronger. This is a lesson from a tree to people to say that even though people may treat us unfairly or very bad, either by saying bad things about us in front of us or behind our back, we should never be weakened by their words or stop whatever we were doing to achieve something, but instead, we should just use it as a source of motivation or strength for the things we are doing, and again, to never revenge on such people.


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