Once upon a time, in the village of Sekgakgapeng, lived a 14-year-old boy Thabiso. He lived with his two siblings since his mother relocated to Gauteng due to work. She only visited them on holidays.

One holiday, his mother came back. Thabiso and his siblings where over the moon! His mother gave him R200 and told him to go to town to buy food they wanted to eat.

Thabiso went to town and on his way to the grocery store, he picked up a pamphlet from his favourite store and browsed through it. After doing that, he decided to throw it in a dustbin in front of him. Oh! Poor Thabiso, he mistakenly threw the pamphlet together with the money he was given by his mother.

He noticed that the money was gone when it was his turn to pay. He had no idea where he could’ve lost it. He suddenly went out to look for the money and without any luck, he couldn’t find it. He sadly sat down on a corner and cried.

Fortunately, a stranger came to the rescue! His name was Mandla. He asked Thabiso what the problem was and he explained everything. Mandla then took him back to the store and bought him the food he wanted. Later that day, Mandla took Thabiso back to his home and they both became friends forever.


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