I still find each day too tiny for all the positive thoughts I want to think, all the steps I want to take and all the friends I want to inspire. I arise in the morning torn by a desire to improve and inspire the youth of the country to strive for success. I have experienced starvation, but that didn’t change me into becoming a drug addict or a thug. It taught me a lesson: that I must work hard in all I do. It taught me to read my books so that I can embrace tomorrow. I am just like everyone else, but I don’t envy people. That is what makes me so unique and skilful.

To all the youth out there It is up to us to live a happy life. All we have to do is to support one another and be a family. We must put God first and all the dreams we want to achieve are possible, if only we believe in our inner selves.

I am a leader. As a leader I say to you, change how you think. Be willing and have a willing heart. I am still a leader even today when I’m wearing that stethoscope and dispatched to the scene to save lives. That is what is special to me.

I am a paramedic. I am a leader, but not just any leader. Rather I am a black young leader.

My stethoscope, my leader, let’s us all make a change.

Take a look at how important this object is that I use. They call it stethoscope but I call it life saver.

Some may think it’s a toy but they don’t know how useful It is. I have heard the sound of creation and in the human’s chest using my powerful leader. I hear and listen to the heart of a caring human. My stethoscope slung snugly around my neck, a false semblance of confidence, assurance … on to the next doorway.

My leader, my stethoscope.