It was the day of our Grade 7 farewell. We went to Billy Gs at the Casino at Fourways. At Billy Gs you pay to enter and then eat to your heart’s desire, non-stop! Afterwards we were not able to move. Luckily my friend brought ENOS so we drank that before we went to the movies. We watched ‘Big Foot’. A person sitting next to me was laughing like a crazy person and that made me laugh too. After the movie I was sad because I knew it was time to go home. Our car came and we asked the driver to play cool music. He let one of my friends connect her phone to the car. The music had a beat you could dance to. The car was bouncing because we were dancing and making a noise as if we were in a tavern. When we arrived at Diepsloot the music stopped and we sang on our own. It was 6pm when we arrived home. I felt cold, but lucky.