Do I deserve to be like an animal? Even animals are better because your government have laws and policies that protect them.

You were once political activists and you fought against racial divisions that existed within South Africa. For that reason you became a fugitive of the apartheid government where you had to fly to exile to Tanzania. In Tanzania we accommodated you and your fellow comrades because at the end of the day we were both Africans and we understood each other’s pain.

Today I ask myself why South Africans will be so selfish to accommodate our fellow Africans. They are acting like a brother who denies his brother in public just because he is poor.

I listen to you every day on social media when you sing the spirit of Ubuntu but yet today you prove not to practice it. Then stop preaching the gospel you don’t practice. Or is it that Ubuntu doesn’t apply to a man who comes beyond your boarders? If so, your moral practice is evil because there is nothing that makes me to be different from you and we are all Africans.

I took all the procedures to be here, why should I be treated as if I am an illegal occupant? Even illegal occupants they do not deserve such treatment. I came to you as a brother because I am seeking a better living, so why should you kill me for that reason? Is it because today you don’t need me or don’t need something from me? Don’t you think tomorrow you are going to need me?

Almost all the human rights cases that your judicial system deals with, the right to dignity is always being emphasized. So don’t I deserve it because I’m from a different nation? But I am a human being like you are. If you have something against me why don’t you just come straight to me so that we negotiate it in peace? Why should you threaten me to live in fear? If you don’t want me here let it out and I will not hold any grudge against you. Where I come from I have a family which loves me like your family does and they depend on me. If you kill me what do you think my parents, sisters, wife and kids will eat?

I never thought such could happen in South Africa because South Africa is part of African Charter on Human and People’s Rights. For South Africa being part of the charter it means that it is bound to protect the rights of each African. On this bases, I plead with South African government to do something immediately in order to prove that it is part of the charter and that it will do anything to protect the objectives of it.

South Africans I come to you humbly and request you that as long as you allow me to come to your country we should promote act in accordance with Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says :

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.