Bongani was twenty-four years old when he left school. He had a dream of being lawyer when he was still a little boy. But his dream ended like a nightmare when he decided to leave school after he failed Grade 10, for the fourth time.

He went to the City of Gold. He now had a child with a seventeen year old pretty girl. He left the City of Gold after only three weeks. He wanted to do his dirty work where he could also find those who are in the criminal industry, so he moved to Driziek, in Orange Farm.

He stayed with his uncle and aunt in a three roomed shack. There was only one bedroom, so he had to sleep on the kitchen floor. He met Xolani who was a leader of a gang named ‘The Dee-nine’.

He had to start with them immediately. They went to Vereeniging to their secret place where they hide to hijack cars. When a business man who was driving black Range Rover stopped at a stop sign, the boys jumped and pointed guns to the man. They shot him several times on the head and took the car and escaped.

When he arrived home, it was almost 11 p.m. and his uncle was worried about him. He told his uncle that he had a job but he never told him the type of job this was. He didn’t sleep as he was counting money all night; from cent to rands, and from rands to cent. He couldn’t believe that he had R11 000 as his first day payment.

The following day came and he went to his job again. It was so easy to be a millionaire in two months for him, and even much better than being a lawyer. He moved away from the group and started working alone as he had experience.

He went to Orlando on a snowy Monday. He saw a pretty blue BMW M3 standing at the robots. He shot the windscreen and never missed the driver. He took him out and threw him outside without looking at his face. He sped faster than any other car on the road and went to Kliptown to get a buyer for the car.

He arrived home when the sun went under the earth. His aunt kissed him on his forehead and said, “Your Uncle bought a new car, he will arrive in no time. He was at Orlando, he said he bought a blue M3”. Bongani just felt summer in cold weather; he didn’t know what to do.

His Uncle didn’t arrive. They both tried to call him, but the phone was off. After three days, Bongani couldn’t carry his secrete anymore, as a car was found after his aunt reported to the police station. The buyer didn’t know Bongani’s name, but he was able to describe him.

Bongani got arrested and his life as a millionaire came to an end. He was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, and his secret life was known. He managed to get money quick and easy, but he could never go out from jail as he would ever wish.