How often is it where a teenage girl seeks out attention, her eyes from deep within, screaming! Seeking! And longing to be loved and find security. Due to financial, emotional and physical issues starting from home, teenagers look else-where for the compassion and security which they are unable to find. And sadly these are first targets for men out there looking to use women for their own benefit.

Teenage girls get drawn to these men, reason being they can provide for them and show them affection. And the actual fact being that these men could not care any less about who they hurt and what they do. Teenage girls are an easy targets and sadly when they do get involved and it’s a start to a painful and long road ahead. It may seem good in the start but it eventually will come to an end and it may be too late!

A teenage girl is innocent and delicate until caught by a man who’s older and cares nothing for her or her well-being. And once caught in their hands it’s nearly impossible to get out! And because of these men, looking and waiting to pound on girl after girl, this becomes the main cause of unplanned teenage pregnancies, drug addictions, alcoholism and even abuse starting from teenage years onwards, as well as HIV being spread and crushing young women’s lives before it even starts.

Young women, be strong stand as one. Life has a lot to deal with but be strong. It’s not worth risking your life! Trust God, finish school and keep praying that God will send you your special somebody to love you and cherish you! In due time, just be patient!