I believe that nothing feels great than having a decent place called home, because this is where there is real comfort. I grew up living in a church, I don’t know what the story behind this is because my grandmother or any family member can’t tell me. I grew up not knowing how does it feels like to have a home. Life started to be more difficult when I was reaching puberty. It was really difficult, having to bath in front of everyone. It was even worse in winter because there was no way they could give you some privacy since it was cold outside. We were a family of seven living in a shack with no breadwinner. I remember when I was in grade 10, there were this group of bullies at my school, and they used to bully me.

They called me names, saying that I’m a nobody because I bath, eat, cook and do almost everything in a shack that’s filled with cockroaches. They were referring my family when they said “cockroaches”. I grew up with this anger and pain that was shivering the blood through my veins. I even used to believe that God does not exist, I mean why would he let his children suffer like this?

My grandmother tried to request an RDP house from the local municipality but there was no progress. Some well-connected Good Samaritan man from our village got us this huge gift that left me speechless. Capricorn FM generously volunteered to build a house for my family since the man referred them to us and told them that we are in need. They built an eight-room house for us which was fully furnished.

I was blown away by their generosity. I couldn’t believe it, I finally got the privilege of having a privacy. This gift changed my perspective of life and made me appreciate the little that I have. I used to believe that the world is bad place full of cruel people. I always wanted to be a lawyer but that suddenly changed after this gift of a place called home. I am now studying Bachelor of Social work at university of Limpopo, I want to be a social worker to improve life of those who are in need. The spirit of Ubuntu grew in me.

I started inviting few homeless people to my home, offering them food and I would go with them to my church where I used to live at. I just want to see myself offering moral support wherever I can to make a homeless person’s life little better. I know it’s now much but it is something. I just wanna give back to the community and I have big plans for the future. I see myself owning a charity foundation one day. There are no words that can amount to the gratitude towards everyone who made it a success that my family get a house, may God bless them abundantly!