I grew up in a house where nobody would wake me up every day to go to school, or remind me to do my homework. As a kid, I never knew, but my attitude became: I’m not going to stop now until I get that freedom. In this world, there are two things that we need to know as people who are on a mission to success: People need to have the courage to be whatever they want to be, and that we are not supposed to belong to this world and be used by this world, but this world must belong to us and we must use it, no matter the situation and challenges that we face in life.

If you have a dream, you will accept those things because they are not supposed to make us losers, not supposed to make us quitters. They are there to build us up and make us who we need to be. So, let us accept, and accepting those challenges, predicaments, and disappointments makes us feel the exhilaration of the victory. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from. Success was meant for anyone, so let us use this opportunity that we have as young people. We need to know that everyone deserves to be happy and live a good life. In the world that we are living on, anything is possible only if you have passion for what you’re doing, because nothing great was ever created without passion. Let us not limit ourselves about aiming higher and always being negative about other people’s dreams.

We all want to live a healthy and happy life surrounded by loved ones, but we must know that our happiness depends on our actions. So, stand up my brother and sister, dust yourself off, because whatever is out there waiting for you, you’re going to find it, but only if you have a dream and a vision. Most young people fear doing new things in their lives. In life, if you want something that you’ve never had, you should do something that you have never done which is a positive thing which will lead to something better for you tomorrow. What you become tomorrow or in the future is guided by the decision that you made today. If you are having difficult times, just know that it is never too late to make it happen.

If you’re down on your luck, check your relationship with God and never look back at what you’re doing, no matter what people tell you. Just look where you came from and thank God; keep looking where you’re going and trust in God. Let us not lose hope, even if things are not working the way we want them to. Believe that God is in control and there’s nothing to fear when your dream is known by God and your future is held firmly in His hands. There are words that you need to know which say: “To be born poor is not your mistake, but to die poor is your mistake”, because you had all the chances to change your life, but you didn’t believe in yourself. Let us not underestimate anything or take it for granted, because that thing can be the key to your success or change your entire life. In life, nobody will ever give you the right key to success or the right door to open, except if we find it ourselves.

Let us be inspired that nothing is impossible. If another person can do it and live a happy and privileged life, that means anyone else can do it too. The road to success is the road for someone who has a vision and, through your actions, you can have a bright future. So, you must know that failure doesn’t exist until you quit. Let’s always get support from people who love us, mostly our parents because that will make us keep going. And find a loyal friend who will always be there for you when you are lost in the dark and who will help us to find the light.

In this world, there are no stars, but the only stars which are there are me and you, so let us shine for this world. Have a dream that will make you wake up tomorrow and be called a blessing by the whole world, not only a person who is blessed, but someone who also makes things for others. Not who only gets things…