Go for a walk on your own. Walk aimlessly without a finish line; think about what works for you today. Come back home when you’re tired, no need to hurry.

Doodle. Maybe you think you’re doing not so great at living, but your watercolour skills are still on point. Buy yourself flowers, make yourself sweet coffee or even eat a big breakfast. This one needs no explanation.

Clean bed sheets are always a good idea.

Stare at yourself in a mirror after a long nap and admire how glowing, beautiful and dreamy your face looks. Naps work wonders. In fact, stare at yourself in a mirror daily. Each time compliment yourself on something. Maybe today you like your hair, but don’t enjoy the shape of your lips, but that’s okay because tomorrow you’ll be delighted at how cute your smile is even though your hair might be a mess. Learn to love you.

Bake cookies just to eat the remaining cookie dough with your fingers; everybody knows that’s the best part of baking.

Forgive yourself. Do what’s best for you.


Tell us: What do you do that’s best for you?