Just because a single digit on the calendar changes, it doesn’t mean our current reality suddenly disappears. The numbers continue to climb rapidly. Covid remains, businesses continue to take strain (if they haven’t closed already), and the poorest of the poor are plunged even further into despair.

I have learnt that I can survive with far less than I thought, that the little I have is far more than what others have.

I have learnt that you do not truly value human interaction, a warm hug, welcoming smile or a gentle touch, until you have endured a hard lockdown, on your own. When you first see that special someone, friend, or family member for the first time in weeks or even months, you realise that no amount of video calling or technology can ever substitute the real thing.

Forgive and ask for forgiveness. There is no time for grudges, and revenge will only consume you. Forgive the self so you can heal and let go of the regrets that anchor you to a past that serves no purpose.

I have learnt that in our darkest hour we tend to remember the wisdom of those who came before us, and suddenly we truly appreciate what they have spent years trying to teach us.

Despite what we post on social media pages, flaunting things that leave our souls bankrupt, many of us will limp into 2021 a little broken, confused and scared. What we have, when we stop being selfish, is our faith, the wisdom of the elders and each other.

Our resilience, and compassion and extraordinary ability to unite in times of crisis is tried and tested. We have it within each and every one us, wherever we are, with the little that we have, to make a difference, to find those things that feed our souls, help heal and rebuild nations.


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