I am not sure how this day will end but I am sure that I will start it with hope. I have learned that when life feels cloudy and stormy, when you have reached rock bottom, when there is absolutely nothing to look up for, when you feel cold and alone in a room full of people, all you need to do is allow your self-shine when there is no sunshine.

You allow your self-shine by understanding that everything you are going through is not permanent, even if it hurts like hell, even if it wakes you up in the middle of the night with tears in your eyes, it will pass and you will feel the sunshine.

Your self-shine is the strength that made you wake up and show up even when you wanted to stay in bed all day, your self-shine is the strength you have to smile when the inside of you is falling apart. Your self-shine is the ability to have faith that one day you will feel the sunshine.

Pain is also a reminder that you feel, it’s a reminder that you care, it’s a reminder that you are alive. It’s also a reminder that you are strong because if you can feel it, go through it, survive it and tell stories about it, then you are above it and that is your self-shine.

Maybe parts of you are tired right now. Maybe hope is fading away right now. Maybe your faith is tested right now. Maybe suicide thoughts are all you hear in your mind right now. Maybe you feel alone. Everyone you came through for, isn’t coming through for you, they don’t even know your name, when you need them most. But you are light, allow your self-shine, do not stay there too long.


Tell us: How do you make yourself shine?