A cadaver of a young girl has been discovered. She has hung herself.

She had a noose around her neck and the entire scene reeked of suicide. Her cause of death was determined as suffocation due to strangulation. Death by hanging one’s self is considered to be a painless and swift death.

“She will come back to haunt and torment the living as she died from suicide,” a woman at the scene said.

There were other people at the scene that said she heard voices in her head encouraging her to commit the act. An autopsy report, that was done after her death; ruled her death as suicide, and not as homicide.

If you want to know who she was, read the letter below. Someone is to blame for what happened to her.


Dear Lungelo

I’ve never been good at writing letters or words. I wrote this letter to let you know how much I love you. This is excruciating agony. I cannot take this anymore. I tried to endure it all.

You were my first love, I thought you’d be my last. I remember our first kiss? I knew then that you loved me too. I let you deflower me because I loved you, I didn’t want to lose you. I should have known that, that night would change everything.

You; ignored me like I was some annoying stranger in the streets, even on WhatsApp. It tore me apart to see you flirting with other girls in my presence. You called me a nobody and I really felt like such. The next day you sent me a break-up SMS.

That was cowardly of you. I wanted to hear you utter those words, that you never loved me. I wanted to look the man; who had promised to love me forever in the eye. I guess I was naive. Congratulations on your engagement. You will be celebrating your engagement and the birth of your daughter, my family on the other hand will be mourning and crying for my death.

I can’t stand the pain of seeing the man I love with somebody else, death is my only option. I guess loving you was a crime. If I knew that our love was fatal, I would have ran away from you.

Today I’m going to hang myself in the name of love.

Yours truly


The deceased was Mbalenhle Zungu. The beautiful flower had withered like beautiful flowers do. She knew this guy was no good for her but she still saw the good in him. She knew that he would be the death of her.

Many people commit suicide because of love and being rejected by their lovers. If he or she does not love you, please do not kill yourself. You have so much to live for and Mbali had many guys lined up, dying to have her as their girlfriend but she was madly in love with the one person that ultimately killed her.

How Lungelo must have felt knowing that he was responsible for Mbali’s death. He had driven her to death. Loving someone too much can be fatal. She was laid to rest at Mountain Rise cemetery in Pietermaritzburg.


Tell us what you think: Do you know of someone who killed themselves for love? How did the family/community react towards the one they died for?