I said goodbye to you that morning, not knowing that it was the final goodbye. I wish I had put more effort into it, like reminding you how much I loved you or reminding you of how I looked up to you as my hero. But instead, I just said goodbye as casually as possible, without even looking at your direction.

Today I regret not showing you much appreciation. I keep thinking about how I will never see that warm smile you always showed everyone around you. You were a light to us.

I remember how you always complained about how bad I was at managing my time. You complained because you wanted me to be in time to join you for breakfast at the table, but I was always too late for it and had to rush to school. I wish I could rewind time and give you more of it. I will never get that chance again to sit with you at the breakfast table.

All you wanted was more time with me and yet all I said was goodbye and rushed to my friends. I am so sorry.

I hope that wherever you are, you know that I love you and I appreciated everything you’ve ever done for us.

Goodbye just isn’t enough.