Dear Mama, you always tell me you were sixteen when you married my dad. I’m not surprised because back then it was acceptable. You also told me you were never forced into marriage, but this was the choice you made because you were ready. That was in 1974, if I’m not mistaken. Wow, Mom… you are such a darling, you know! How did you managed to do this? Does it mean you were happy all the time? No!

Nowadays, we see couples marry today and the next day they file for divorce, but you’re still holding on and committed. You endured the hardships and the challenges you faced every day in your marriage. I know it is not for your own benefit, but for all your four sons and also for your daughters-in-law as well as for your grandchildren. You’re really the pillar of the family. You always bring the family together; life wouldn’t be the same without you, dear. Mama.
I remember there were times when you found yourself alone in our midst around the fire in the evening, surrounded by all your sons and your spouse. This situation must have been very intimidating for you I guess. But, you never showed any sign of fear for us. You’re a fearless mother, a lioness in the jungle, indeed.

At times, I would fume and you would see danger in my eyes, but you never raised your emotions to my level. You remained calm. And by so doing, you always defeated me completely. When I wanted to quit my studies at university due to external forces and forces within the family, you sat me down and said to me, “This is your future. So never let anyone or anything shatter your dreams!” I listened to you Mom because I knew you wouldn’t lead me astray. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have completed my degree. I, therefore, thank you, Mama.

Most of the time in the family we don’t understand your character. We don’t get why every visitor doesn’t leave our house with an empty stomach. We don’t understand why you always give. But, you once told me your secret: “If I stop giving to the needy, you won’t be able to get food that you always enjoy every day.” They say when you give things come back to you. This is a great lesson I learned from you, thanks once again, Mama.

Above all this, I cannot forget to share your biggest secret: you pray! Perhaps this is the reason why you always overcome the challenges you face in life as well as in your marriage. I always wished I knew how to say prayers like you. I have learned a lot from you. And most importantly I want to say, kea leboha, I thank you for all the things you did for me and my siblings. I know you want to do more for us, but everything you did so far is highly appreciated and we couldn’t ask for more. May God bless you, give you a good life and keep you longer, dear Mama. You’re indeed the best mother in the world!


Tell us: In what way can you show appreciation to your mother or the one who raised you?