We live in a world where good people are taken for granted and bad people are celebrated every day.

The mind and heart keep fighting over what’s wrong and right. The power of self-love is important to everyone because in this case we always fall for the wrong ones, but that’s how we learn; by feeling pain first then after doing the right thing.

Have you ever listened to your thoughts and thought if my mind could walk it would probably be in jail now, because wow, my mind is crazy at times. Never underestimate the power of the mind.

We think with our mind, but act with our heart. In three out of five cases we end up regretting our actions.

Talk when you have a problem, speak out to get your voice heard. Yes, not everyone will listen, but someone out there needs you to change their life just by giving them peace of mind.

What you need to do is keep your heart and mind healthy. Make yourself happy and never compromise that for anyone. Happy you, healthy mind, happy life and keep it locked.


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