Have you ever helped someone in a way that you felt like you just won a Great Sensibility Award? Well that’s what happened to me.

I remember helping my classmate, Bongumusa. Not only was he my classmate but he was a friend of mine too. This happened at our school in June 2017.

On that day we were preparing to write a mathematics exam. I was prepared to nail that paper with confidence and I brought my calculator to assist me. The main reason I was overly confident was because mathematics’ my favourite school subject and I naturally passed it with flying colours.

On the other hand, my friend Bongumusa was very stressed. Bongumusa was not that good at mathematics but he had a potential of passing it.

That day he was very stressed and on top of that he had forgotten his calculator at home. I was very sad to see him stressed like that and I had to come up with a helpful plan because he was my friend. I decided to sacrifice my calculator and lend it to him because he needed it the most.

It was worth a sacrifice because he passed the mathematics exam and I was very happy for him. Most importantly he did it with my calculator. He could’ve failed the paper if I had not sympathised with him.

Ever since then, we are like brothers. Helping is loving, we must learn to help other people.

Tell us what you think: Have you done something so kind and altruistic? Share your experience with us.