Roger was a tall, brown young man. He grew handsome and wise. He was ambitious and courageous. His parents raised him well as he was respectful and polite towards everyone, which made him a heart throb to the ladies. Women could not help but throw themselves at him, but he remained focused.

Roger excelled in subjects like Science, History and Geography but his flaw was found in his language subjects. His inability to cope with the language subjects caused him embarrassment and stress. All the girls in his class were good at it and enjoyed it. The more he tried to understand it the more boring he found it.

Besides his flaw to understand the subjects, he spoke English well. The girls in his class enjoyed hearing his voice. He had a sweet, humble and gentle voice which made the girls weak at the knees. Even his teachers admired him.

He kept on studying hard to make sure his future would be secure. He was determined to show everyone that there were no limits because he believed in himself. He believed he could get anything he wanted by his diligence.

Unfortunately, Roger fell ill during the same time he was supposed to be passing his final year examinations. It shocked many people as he was the representation for their neighbourhood and school. Many people advised him that it would be better for him to repeat the class and return for his exams once he was fully recovered and healed.

Roger did not take heed to their words and was allowed to write the exams right away. When the results were released, he did not get good enough results for university. He was confused. He did not know that his sickness would affect him that much. He lost his mind. His thinking was no longer concerned with the future but how other students passed well and got accepted into university, while he failed. He never considered the fact that they had time to prepare while he was recovering in bed.

After Roger’s fall, relatives gathered to advise him to attend Basic Education’s school. He was insulted by their suggestions and chased them away. They were all surprised to see how his fall had changed him so much. He then became hopeless and depressed. It felt like his entire future was carved in a deep pit. He refused to attend the school in his area, he said it was too ghetto and came up with many excuses. All he wanted was to be accepted to an excellent school where he could improve his science.

He spent one year at home without studying or working towards his goal. When Roger’s former friends who went to excellent schools would gather together, Roger desired to be involved too but it was very hard for him to start the conversation because he knew that he and his friends no longer had common ground.

Roger soon lost his friends because they would all speak about their new lifestyles and he could no longer relate. He distanced himself because of it.

Years had passed by and Roger had not moved any further. He remained in his miserable position. One day he packed his bag and stood up at 5 a.m. to reach Musanze Town by 8 a.m. Each morning his feet swelled.

He found himself looking for a man named Bugingo, when they found each other they went to the boss. Roger did not expect to receive what he got from his boss, he expected his boss to be more approachable, but he was very brief.

When lunch time arrived, the boss needed something to eat. He called for Roger, who came trembling. It was soon discovered that Roger could not cook. This was an outrage to his boss as he expected his maid to be able to cook.

He then asked Roger to grab a juice for him out of the fridge. He was shocked when Roger did not understand the term, “fridge”. He then made up his mind to sit with Roger and learn more about him, he believed Roger was not that ignorant.

Roger began to tell him everything about his life and then his boss began to pity him. His boss then organized a course for Roger to learn more about Motor Vehicle Mechanics. His boss taught him many things and Roger appreciated it, because no one else had ever invested in him the way his boss did. People only flattered his looks, but never tried to encourage him to better his future.

His boss taught him that looks would not pay the bills. His boss was a certified mechanic. Roger then joined a garage in town and after a few months, he had enough money to afford a bike to travel wherever he wanted. He ended up in a place he never expected to end up in. He became a role model to the youth of his hometown again. He then grew even richer. However, he never forgot who it was that helped him get to where he was.


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