You know when life hits you hard, sometimes you just never know whether to give up or carry on. You just don’t get it, why does every success come with a hurdle and pain? I have dealt with this for years, and it’s not only me. Trillions of people out there are feeling this same pain. Everything is just complicated, so complicated that you end up asking yourself endless questions and forget that you are not the only victim out there. Because our lives are different, we also think differently, and we walk different paths that God has given us. Have you ever asked yourself why God made your life miserable? Have you ever asked yourself: why am I poor or why am I rich?

These are common questions which we always ask ourselves when we are faced with stressful problems. Why has this happened to me? And sometimes we even try to blame others for who we have become and for things that are going wrong. My purpose for this story is not that I am trying to leave all of you curious. No. I want to tell you what’s going on if you are in it to understand.

When I first became a FunDza fanz writer, I did it because I thought I was bored, but this was not the case. I actually found out that I loved writing stories. It’s a place where I finally have gotten to express myself and have my own creative world. What I intended to say by that is that our paths are sometimes hard and complicated, because there is passion to be dug out from within our core. Meaning that if your obstacles are harder, then your victory of finding your true self will be sweeter.

Everything that’s hard to find has great triumph in it, and if it’s easy, it doesn’t mean it won’t be sweet. But it will be minimal compared to the person who sweated and cried to be where he is. The true answer to each and every question that was mentioned above is, ‘You are fighting your own shadow,’ meaning that you are you own challenge.

I have noticed this many times. I have dreaded finding the answer to these questions, but I finally found some, which is only half the answers everybody who is reading this expects. Life is a challenge, and if you don’t play the cards right, you will always complain and grow jealous. People forget that life is all about them trying to find themselves. They think everything will come to them!

Well, if you think like that then I am sorry my friend. You won’t gain anything, and if I was thinking like that also, I would remain poor. When you are poor, people empathize with you, which means they feel your pain, because they have also been there. What does this mean when people feel sorry for you?

It means that you need to work on yourself so that they won’t feel bad for you anymore and then you’ll feel the relief of the world. You won’t have to curse God and people as if you are the only poor person. Try and gain. God only left you in the world full of lights so that he can see you preserve. Life’s a test. God can only protect you in things that are beyond your strength as it’s said that he does not give you something that is bigger than you.

So, please, people. I am not writing this story because I am rich. I am just a normal teenager, a school boy. I just wanted to express this, because I see people don’t understand. I know of a few who understand, mostly writers like me and a few teenagers and adults who know the meaning of all this and know what a struggle is.

Big up to the hustle, hustlers.


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