Take a moment and look in the mirror. Look at yourself and see the glory of beauty on you. As marvelous as a field of tulips, as colourful as the royal purple, as attractive as golden yellow, and as brilliant as the blue sky.

She is strong yet so soft, she is fierce yet so kind. She knows her worth and value. She is lovely and caring, but never tangle with her heart for she will roar like a lion. Her voice strikes like thunder when provoked.

Knowing her is the best thing to ever happen to me. She is made of steel, yet her skin is as soft as the feathers. Her touch brings a chill down my spine but if you make her angry beware for her touch can be the kiss of death; the bite of a snake.

When she breathes, the sound is as beautiful as the winds in a forest. Her scent cuts deep into my nostrils, as if I am in a rose garden. In her arms, I found the comfort of a bird covering its eggs in the nest. I felt her breath on my neck, the feeling cannot be compared with anything. This woman, I could fight for her. I would do anything to be hers. For she is a fierce woman.


Tell us: Are there any women you know who sound like the writer’s fierce woman?