In the suburbs of Sandton lived Thandeka, a single mom, and her daughter, Amahle. Thandeka owned a restaurant which was well since it opened. Amahle’s dad died in a car accident the day she was born so they never got to meet. All she had were photographs of him. Even with all the things Amahle had,
she still thought something was missing, a father.

Amahle would listen to her friends brag about their dads and she would always envy them. She would ask God why she had everything she wanted except a dad. Amahle didn’t even mind having a step dad but her mum was always tied up in work, she never had time for men.

Amahle was in and out of relationships because she had high standards, nobody was perfect enough for her. She would date rich, intelligent, handsome, popular guys but still all of them were not what she wanted. One day, Kgomotso, her best friend said she could sort out her problem. “I have just the right guy for you,” she said.

Amahle’s mum was overseas for an important business deal. So Amahle was going out on a double date with Kg and some guys she didn’t know about. They got ready at Kgomotso’s house, she lived in the township in a pretty and fancy house that she extended herself. She stayed with her parents and five siblings. Her parents were always drunk and didn’t care about her much, so she took care of all her siblings; she spoiled them way too much.

That night, Kg wore a black mini dress and red heels. She looked like a drag queen, Amahle wore black skinnies and a white tank top and some white imported chucks.

“No Hle my friend, I won’t go with you looking like that. We’re not going to the library here,” said Kg.

She borrowed her a skimpy mini skirt and black gladiator heels. Amahle wore it with her tank top; it looked good on her.

After being done with their makeup a car signalled for them outside.
“That’s our ride,” said Kg running out. Amahle ran after her… they got inside the car. To her surprise, the people inside were old men. Amahle kept her cool but sensed that something was fishy.

She didn’t talk much until they reached their destination. They got off and a helicopter was waiting for them. Amahle was still not impressed. They got in and after 30 minutes they arrived.

The place was packed with old men and young girls who all looked happy. Amahle asked her friend what was going on and she just said it was a BEE meeting, she knows the guys and one of them is her uncle.

Amahle didn’t believe a thing, she now wanted to go home. Kg begged her to be patient so she kept her cool. One of the guys they came with offered her a drink but she refused. “I don’t drink alcohol,” she said. So the guy ordered her a fruit juice and he signalled something to the bartender but Amahle didn’t see that.

They served her and they found a place to sit. Kg was on the dance floor with the other guy, he looked like he had grandchildren. Amahle gulped down her juice instantly. It tasted funny but she really didn’t care. After a few seconds she started dancing with the guy and she felt happy too.

Kg just looked at her and smiled, that’s my girl. After a few songs the guy pulled Amahle outside but she still wanted to dance, the guy was too strong for her so he dragged her outside. They sat outside near the swimming pool. The guy started making out with her. To her surprise she didn’t resist. Everything happened so fast she ended up passing out.

Earlier that morning she woke up in a fancy looking house, she was so terrified. She didn’t know where she was and how she got there. She also didn’t remember anything about last night from the time she got the juice. An old looking guy came in the room with a tray of breakfast.

“Good morning sleepy head.” He gave her breakfast… “Eat up dear.” She was submissive and she ate while the guy watched her.

She showered and she found new clothes on the bed. A floral dress and cute pumps. The outfit was adorable she looked sixteen in it. He came in a stared at her for a second which was awkward for Amahle. “Wow, you remind me of my last born,” he said. Last born! It shocked her, she wondered how old the guy was. The guy introduced himself as TJ. Amahle asked to use his phone cause she couldn’t find hers. She called Kg, she was fine and they would meet after an hour to head back home.

On their way back home the vibe was just cool, they bonded. They didn’t get into trouble because Amahle’s mum was overseas and Kgs parents didn’t care. Weeks passed and TJ and Amahle were now serious. Thandeka was concerned about their relationship, she didn’t approve at all. They would argue every time but Amahle never listened when her mum warned her. Amahle was really fond of TJ, he treated her like his own daughter but it was just awkward when they had to be intimate.

She was happy, she thought she had finally found the right person. Her mum still got chills about this TJ guy. Amahle passed Matric with flying colours and she moved to a flat which was paid for by her mum. Life took a turn for the worse. TJ lost all his riches; he lost the money, cars and the house. TJ asked to stay with Amahle till he was back on his feet. He was always stressed and it put a strain on their relationship.

He came up with a plan to marry Amahle just to keep her from leaving him. They got married in court and Amahle was so excited. She didn’t care much about people knowing, she just wanted to belong to TJ. Kgomotso was the only person who knew about this. Amahle was happy about her decision. Things were now serious and she knew that marriage was forever.

A day came when Amahle came back from varsity to find her flat full of angry people. It was TJs family, his wife and kids. Apparently they stayed overseas but they had to come back because the money was no longer coming in. Her flat was full of their belongings. TJ had three kids and his wife was shocked to see Amahle. She was so furious when she saw the ring on her finger.

Amahle didn’t even know what to do, she was shocked too. TJ’s last born looked her age and that made the situation even worse. TJ’s wife didn’t even wait to be introduced, she just pounced on Amahle
and beat her to a pulp. The kids stopped the fight after a while.

TJ couldn’t even do anything to help. Amahle was sent packing in her own flat. TJ’s wife thought he left them to die of hunger overseas while he bought flats for teenagers in SA. Amahle managed to get home and her mum sent her to the hospital. They made a statement and her mum went to the flat with the police. TJ had his lawyers come over to discuss the matter. Apparently everything that Amahle owned belonged to TJ too. This matter was serious that they had to take it to court.

TJ’s wife was charged for beating up Amahle and lucky enough the flat was in her mums name. Amahle won the case and TJ and his kids were sent packing too. They moved in with one of his friends. Life was hard for them, the kids had to fend for themselves because their dad was now a drunkard.

It turned out that Amahle was three months pregnant. Her mum sold her flat and she stayed with her. She supported her during the pregnancy. Months went by and she gave birth to a beautiful son and she name him Brandon, after her late father. Her mum took care of baby Brandon while she was in varsity. Amahle changed her life, she gave her life to Jesus. She never worried about Brandon having no father because she knew that God was her everything.

She didn’t regret her life with TJ because it gave her a precious gift which was Brandon. Amahle finished varsity and she got her law qualifications. She met an awesome guy at church, their relationship was Christ ordained. She got married and lived a happy life with her God given family.

The end.