Continue, and move. You will reach your destination, soon. Winners know what it’s like to lose. They don’t give up, but instead always pull through. So they are masters, and they rule.

They are one in a few; people who actually say what they want, and then do it. They always follow through. They never do things by the book, but are creators of all things new. They don’t judge by how things look, but have perspective and use wisdom too.

Is this you?

Then you will agree that the road less taken is not cool, but good – and there is a difference between the two. Cool entails you to act mostly a fool; to conform to a world that always doesn’t have a clue. A world that tends to victimize its own youth; and yet we’re not meant to be loose, mentally brute, or crude.

A world that encourages being nude, and cheaply sells sex like it’s a fruit. A world where girls are scared of food, boys want to be gangster and hood.
So what’s your view?

Take a moment and reflect…because all of the truth lives in you.


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