What a day it was, ordinary, they said. Chicks turned pink as my face turned pale. The wilderness of the refreshing breeze at dawn, how do they survive, the question remained unanswered? All that happened under the sheets covering the deep blue; swallows and pigeons were nowhere to be seen. Lifeless, I dazzled in the white fury as death grew near.

Was this my ticket to the unknown?

It made my bones shiver, as I couldn’t utter a word. So much has been said and so much has been done. As I lay against the pavements, filled with rich, fluffy and soft white flakes, thoughts came from my haunted imagination. Tick tok, tick tock, time flew by and there came a moment where I had to give up the ghost and prove myself. A sharp voice pierced through my ear, a blond to be rescued, and I became human again.


Tell us: Have you ever had a near-death experience?