13 December 2012 was a day I will never forget. My friend Danny and I had an after school PSP date. At the time, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 was the in thing and I just had to play it. Without having lunch I stormed out and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the controller. The aim was to finish it and show Danny that I was the man. Haha, back then I was still young and funny.

I was walking home, minding my own business and trying to dodge friends who might want to borrow the game. I hummed the PSP tune mindlessly and thought that no one would be able to change my happy mood. I felt like the happiest lad ever. I noticed a middle aged man walking in front of me, when suddenly I heard a whistle. Without warning two guys armed with pistols robbed the poor man and demanded he give them his valuables. I froze and my heart pounded in my throat making it hard for me to swallow. My mind told me to run, my heart told me to stop, but either way I felt too weak to move a muscle. What if they turn around and shoot me, what if they came to rob me, I thought. I could not stop thinking of what might happen and for a minute, I thought I might faint because my nerves had got the better of me.

People passed by and looked, but moved on, besides a few bystanders who stayed to watch. Instead of scaring off the robbers, they took videos to post on their Facebook page and share with the world. Where is the humanity, I thought. We live in a generation of emotionally weak people. I, myself was weak, as I couldn’t even help myself. What about the others? My head was like a jungle and I couldn’t think or take action. The poor guy, they robbed him not only of his dignity and pride, but of his life too. As the one pulled the trigger aimed at his head, dust filled the air and there was blood everywhere. My knees buckled, my hands trembled as I saw the guy’s life end before my eyes. Tears of relief and pain poured down my face as I saw them running with the man’s belongings. A lifeless body of a healthy man lying in front me – a father, a son, a brother who was robbed of his life in a few minutes. It could’ve been me, but I guess my time is yet to come.

Thinking of all the possible things that could have taken place, I had to stare danger in the face. It felt as if I too had an encounter with death. Death – the guy who is fearless and walks around with a scythe gathering souls for his master, God. The event that took place will haunt me forever. I wonder if life will ever be the same. Will I ever be able to walk to friends again freely? Will I be able to walk without looking in front, behind and around me? These are the questions I ask myself frequently.

Try to imagine a world free of danger. I would call it the World of Peace. Just ask yourself this, “What would this world be like without violence, gangsters, robbery, and killing?”