It was the 30th of November 2014 at a place called Lindelani Damini Location. We were sleeping like small babies when someone knocked at the door like a policeman. We heard “Nqo Nqo Nqo”. It was like I was dreaming. Then I woke fast and went to the door. I asked with a scared voice, “Who are you?”

I heard a crying voice say, “It’s me, Mondli.”

Then I started breathing because I knew Mondli, he was my brother’s friend. I asked with a voice of sadness why he was coming around at this time. I didn’t know why I was asking because I could already sense that there was something wrong. But I kept on asking. His voice couldn’t even come out because he was crying. Everybody was already awake and shaking. This guy was still crying.

I asked again, “Mondli, kwenzekeni?” Then he tried to talk but tears were rolling like rain.

My mother started shouting at him, “We don’t have time for games. Yini inkinga.”

We gave him a glass of water to calm him and gave him some seconds so he could breathe. After he finished he started saying, “Sifiso is stabbed, and he is not breathing and moving.” My mom asked where he was. “Lying there in the middle of the road,” he said.

Then we rushed to the scene but there was nobody there because some of his friends had already taken him to the clinic. When we arrived at the clinic they told us that he was already gone when they had arrived. We were all screaming there at the clinic, but screaming would not bring him back. But it was just the pain that we were feeling.

The police came and asked some questions so they could take the statements from his friends, but no-one knew what happened because they were all drunk.

That night we saw the world turning into the thin earth we feared. We lost hope, we asked, “Why God?” Why did God leave us? I wanted to dig a hole and put myself in and then cover it. But nothing would change the fact that he had gone.

But whatever happened, we knew it was God’s plan, and everything happens for a reason. I still wonder what the reason was.

He is gone, but we haven’t forgotten him. He is still in our heart and his voice is still ringing in our ears. This is the worse night that I remember. “It was like it was yesterday.” I still miss you my brother.