The full moon gazed onto the depressed couple; they had just lost a child, a pain a few can understand. After numerous messages of condolences they simply wished to be left alone. Isabel was crying non-stop on the shoulder of Jake who tried in vain to ease her pain. Isabel seemed to suffer more than Jake, being at 38 years-old, her biological clock was ticking away.

As they now sat in the local park no-one else could be seen but them. The night air was warm; above them the sky was clustered with millions of stars. The couple remained quiet with neither one talking. Jake, however, was distressed about a noise he could hear, had his sadness made him madder.

“Hey Isabel, do you hear that?” asked Jake as he made her look in the direction of the noise.

“Yeah… Could it really be a child’s cry?” questioned Isabel with a teary but somewhat concerned face. Getting up in a zealous state, the couple searched a bin they believed was the source of the crying. Searching frantically, Jake threw rubbish all about the park, until his hand touched something warm. Startled, he proceeded cautiously in fear of a wild-animal. Instead, what Jake beheld was the most precious sight a child, who was abandoned in a trash bin.

Shocked at first Isabel opted to take the child to the police station but Jake insisted that they keep the child. However, Isabel protested against it.

“Why? Is it because the child is black!” screamed Jake who finally and firmly decided to vent his disapproval over the cynical ways of Isabel. Her racist and judgemental attitude was always abhorrence for Jake. He would never voice his disdain for he felt she had dominance over him, being 8 years her junior.

They had been married for the past 10 years, during which Jake was always blamed and victimized by Isabel’s malevolent nature. She had made him stop talking to his family, lost most of his friends and changed him to someone constantly bitter and depressed. His anger had reached its boiling point and tonight he knew that he and Isabel will part ways forever.

“So no is your answer? I knew you never loved me, that’s why both our children died.” Said Isabel trying to force a hysterical cry.

“Enough! Isabel you left my brother for me because you saw I stood a better chance of being successful. You let me abandon my family even on my mother’s funeral; you wouldn’t allow me to go. However, the worst of your deception was that you planned the death of our two children.” Said Jake as he began crying for a confrontation he grudged for years, but never had the courage to say. “And…” mentioned Jake crying ever more, “you cheated on me those children were never mine because. I’m…I’m sterile. A secret I kept from you all these years.” Said Jake as he embraced the child in his hands.

Shocked she was but Isabel could do nothing or say anything for it indeed was the truth.

Jake though had a few last words to say. “Even though they weren’t my kids I still planned to raise them as my own. All I ever wanted was a family. Isabel God has given me a child now, good-bye I’m divorcing you.” Jake concluded as he left her pleading to him on her knees. He was no deterred from his choice. Isabel knew her chance with a good guy was botched. She would have to live with regret for the rest of her life.


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