“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.” – Sabrina Bryan

Yes drive is what you need to keep on going when life is hard, drive is what you need when all else fails. Drive is very important. If you do not have the drive, you will be beaten, if you do not have the drive, your past will pull you down, past failures and circumstances will bring you down, and you will feel like a failure even if it happened ten or five years ago.

There is an attitude known as the ‘Okonkwo-mentality’. The mentality that makes you push even when things are bad, it does not care about the economy state nor does it heed to the fear of failure or death.

Look, this is not a game – this is your life! If you were a cat, this would be a different message because I’d know you have nine lives. But you are a human-being, you need to live this life that you have to the best of your ability.

Chika Onyeani talks about the devil may care attitude to succeed! That’s what drive it,  that’s what ambition and soul is. If it does not affect your soul it is not done well enough. If you do not stay up the whole night doing it, it is not worth it.

One of my favorite short-stories A Man Must Live has a quote that reads “They told him life was like the magic carpet he had read of in school. It carried you over mountain peaks, over green valleys and beautiful streams; through fearfully dark gorges and over rugged ugly boulders; over sharp unfriendly briars, through jungles and dark mysterious kingdoms, where you felt you were being swallowed up into the pit of death; and again you could emerge into the smiling world, swim in the fragrant smell of flowers, taste of the sweet, the bitter and the bitter-sweet fruit; always and forever by the magic carpet- whither no one knew. Yet, whatever the end, man must live”

Look, it does not matter what happens along the way. It does not matter if you spend two weeks without food, money. It does not matter if you lose all your loved ones. It does not matter if people turn their backs against you. It even does not matter if you make it and become a millionaire.

At the end of the day the world must understand that you will not get comfortable in the position that you are in, you will not relax, you will not cry to give up, but you will do it to get up.

Because like a business or a brand, once you stop growing and expanding, that is when you are going to die. If you stop living that is when you are going to fall short of the opportunity.

When your alarm clock goes off and you feel like you want to stay in bed for the whole day, you need to get up. Because you do not know how far back that day of rest will take you in reaching your destiny, maybe that day will erase six months of your progress; maybe it will erase a year.

You have to keep on going, because drive and success works like a bow and arrow, you have to keep on pulling until you can let go of that arrow to hit your target, if you stop too soon you will miss the target, your arrow will not get to the target.

You need all the drive and ambition to hit that target. So I reckon you put on your shoes and aim for the stars, you have to aim for your dreams. You have to push. DRIVE

King David

A boy who became a king, before becoming become a king he had to escape Saul. He had to keep on going even though it was hard.

Let me break down the scenario to you. Imagine if people began praising you more than the president, using comparisons. Imagine if the whole country did that. And the president ordered the whole army to hunt you down.

What would you do as a young person? Would you simply surrender, or would you keep on going, would you run and hide and conquer along the way? I don’t know you tell me.

But David did not care what was going on, he knew that he was going to be killed by this king. But he kept on going, he kept on living his life, he kept on making a move. He kept on changing the world, even though he had a price on his head.

Look there are people out there who will hate you for being successful. There are people who will hate you when they see a smile on your face, and others will fight you for trying. But you have to ignore such people and keep on going; you need to be the difference that the world needs.

I always tell people that if someone is hating on you, it means that you are doing it right, it means that you are killing it. It means that you are becoming something and someone that they never thought you could become.

Do not worry about those who hate on you, do not worry about those who look down on you. Do not worry about your living condition, do not worry about the kind of food you are eating. Only focus on what you think your purpose is on this earth.

So do not give up because they say it’s hard. Do not give up because they say it cannot be done, do not give up because they hate the way that you do it. Just keep on going day in and day out!