“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” -Omar Khayyam

Doing what you love day-in and day-out without stopping is happiness. Ignore people who think that they know better about your life. Because only you and the Creator know about your life, your journey is based on the number of steps that you take towards your happiness.

Happiness is important.

Why is it important? Why is being happy so important? It is important because when you are happy you make other people happy as well. There is no way that you will find a sad person comforting other sad people. You will never hear a person who has true happiness putting other people down, happiness is the medicine that heals the world.

Happiness is like love, it feels good when you give and receive it. In life you get what you put in, if you sow happiness, you will reap happiness. If you put in happiness into everything that you do, even if you do not get money, you will get happiness. So I reckon and advice you to live in happiness, to stop worrying about things that you cannot change, and focus on things that you can change.

Your behaviour, who you hang around and what you say will be the pillars of happiness. Happiness is a verb, do it! Happiness is a gift, give it. Happiness is a medicine, so prescribe it. I always believed that we can find happiness in everything that we do. I believe that happiness can be found in all stories of success, happiness can be found in all stories of people who overcame the odds, people who kept on going even when all else failed.

I always think of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, who failed more than a thousand times before he got it right. Imagine how he felt the first time he failed; he probably said to himself, I should do it again; maybe it’s just a small mistake. Then he did it again, but what happened when he failed the second time? He might have overlooked that and simply kept on going.

But what happened when he got to 100, what happened when he failed 100 times? What was the thing that kept him going? I do not think it was a person who kept him going, because often when you are doing something and you fail, people will never tell you to keep on going. They often convince you that you have to stop.

Happiness will keep you going, doing what you love will keep you going. Doing something that you know will benefit other people. That is the only way that you will be able to keep on going. Your happiness is your fuel.

Steve Biko

Known as the forerunner for Black Consciousness, a medical student, a great speaker and a debater, Bantu Steve Biko is a great example of a happy life. He found happiness in fighting for causes that he knew were not only important to him, but those that were important for other black people and black students. He constantly risked his life in the pursuit of equality and happiness.

Doing what you love is the key to happiness. Helping people is the catalyst that will get you through, this means that you need to find a way to bring a smile on someone’s face, fulfill a need and that will keep you going.

In Mr Xolela Mangcu’s book, “Biko, A Biography” he writes how this young black man loved what he did, how he used his intelligence and zeal to speak to supplement his desire for change. His free spirit and humour during serious situations,
The principle of happiness is very important when you want to do something that the world will remember.

Even if the world only consists of those people close to you, remember that you are still making a difference. A man who engages in what makes him happy does not look to at money as his reward.