Lonely isn’t a word but a vacation on a sunny day with the breeze on your face and the umbrella shade cooling your body over a drink just thinking about your life all alone watching couples holding hands.

Lonely isn’t a word, it’s a feeling of longing for someone or something that you maybe took for granted. It’s a dog ready to fetch your stick or a partner to ask how your day was.

Lonely isn’t a word, it’s an act of kindness to the wrong people who will not be around to keep you company when you feel the need to share a joke, a memory, gossip and or future plans. Strangers will leave you and you’ll wonder why you are so kind, loving and friendly but can’t seem to keep a friend, love or even a pet.

Lonely isn’t just a word, it’s those moments when you smell a meal cooked with love and you imagine the times you were too busy pleasing strangers instead of sitting around the table with your family. And instead of humorously arguing, play-fighting and jokingly cursing at our siblings in front of a parent over your favourite plate of a warm home-cooked meal.

Lonely isn’t just a word, it’s a song you hear in passing and it reminds you of that special friend you once thought would be around forever but have been too busy to even find time to call, braai meat with, or send a mere catch up text to. And have golden days where you take a trip down memory lane.

Lonely isn’t just a word, it’s lying in bed or on your couch with the TV and radio off on a rainy day with a warm blanket and wishing you had someone around to just pull that blanket and bless you with body heat and share with you why they were scared of lightning.

Lonely isn’t just a word, it’s getting a tyre puncture and not having a soul stop to ask if you have all tools to get back on the road. Lonely is having no one to call for help during times when you need a few more hands to help you lift a heavy task such as emotions and get a pat on the back that says, “You’ll be ok”. A stretch of an arm with R100 that says “get by”. A firm shake of a hand that says you are a survivor. A hug that says my shoulder is willing to get wet.

Lonely isn’t just a word, it’s making sure the five senses of life are treated with love, care, passion, warmth, kindness, time, joy, forgiveness, laughter, and lastly respect and this is how you can beat what isn’t just a word but a feeling of an SOS – loneliness.


Tell us: What does lonely mean to you?