The horrors I can’t describe, to describe the battlefield as hell would be an understatement for it is hell. In the 21st century, man envisioned and planned a utopian society. But, instead we are left with a post-apocalyptic society now in the 22nd century. Technology, which we first assumed would benefit humanity, has in turn caused and brought destruction and near extinction to humankind.

Continents wage war against continents: oil, money, conspiracy, resources, water, food, infiltration… the list goes on. Regardless of what the reason is, man has now justified himself by simply waging wars. Ready for battle, android-like soldiers are in the front formation simply to be pawns and a shield for us humans. While we proceed behind, we wearily keep vigilant watch for drones above, some drones are explosive bombs, some contain poisonous gas and still others are spy cameras.

The sight of a solider being mutilated from a bomb is a common sight. Cries and screams affirm to us that we are human beings, robots killing people is an exploit in war every country took full advantage of. Able to survive nuclear-bombs, gun-fire, traps, and brutal weather robots more often than not dictate the outcome of war. How long has war been waged for? Why are we even at war? Are we still even human?

These are the questions I wish could be answered but my wish is in vain. Life in this age is unbearable, the human population has been culled by the billions. Once the most parasitic creature to the environment and Earth, we are now on the brink of utter extinction. This war has been waged for decades that we can’t even distinguish between friend and foe. These robots are terrifying to behold with a skeletal appearance they embody the image of death itself.”

“So the population was 11 billion just 80 years ago?” I repeat what my captain had read from a book.

“Indeed. That would mean if the current statistics are true, humanity has seen 10.8 billion people dead,” continue my captain in one of his many lessons of the past.

“What was life like, captain, back then?” I enquire, in hopes of trying to delude the affliction of my mind. Our battalion is now seated at camp, all while our robotic soldiers stand guard. The limitations of humans saw yet another reason as to why robots were so much more successful. They are perfect killing machines with no emotions, no need for sleep and never fatigued. They require no food, no water no shelter or warmth.

“Life was less chaotic than now, though a society with an astronomic high rate of illiteracy. To have heard the stupidity from the mouths of people then is far more pleasurable to hearing the screams and cries we hear now. Women were silicon and saturated with a narcissistic nature. Men sometimes became women in defiance of nature. Books were taboo and intellect was ridiculed. The youth lived on their cellphones, without respect or morals. Religion was a business and a farce to some degree,” says my captain as he leafs through the only source of an epoch regarding man of the 21st century.

“There’s more,” says the captain excitedly.

I pay attention, eager to absorb whatever may be said.

“There might be some positive things to say, let’s see…’ says Captain Sleigh as he tries in vain to mention just a single good thing of 80 years ago.

We laugh as we propose that life back then might have been worse than at this present moment. Our laughter though soon turned to lamenting as the evil horrors of war befell us yet again. Gun shots and the mechanical march of enemies approach.

Regardless of which century may have been more pleasant to live in, so long as man lives he must strive for a better tomorrow in his daily living.


Tell us what you think: What do you think will happen 80 years from now? Where will civilization be?