2016. I still remember the cold winter mornings as I headed to school. I was in the 9th grade. May had just ended and we were just about to write our mid-year examinations. The days were cold, but they were no match to how I felt inside. No one had noticed but that was the year I lost my smile. I honestly couldn’t tell when one day ended and the next begun.

A lengthy hospital stay, all my friends changing schools and my depreciating eyesight (which I now think was an after effect more than a cause) led me on a downhill spiral that nothing could cure. I lost all interest in everything and nothing could fill the void.

I would like to write about how I triumphed through this turmoil, but I didn’t. The school year ended and with that all my troubles. My perspective changed. I realised that in some storms all we can do is wait for a sunny day.

That period seems insignificant now, but that’s only because I’m on the outside looking in. I may downplay the severity of my depressing year, but I could never deny that it changed me. Forever. 2016.