I’ve got a thousand reasons I survived because I’ve got to make it. Live my life. I need to be happy. I have to find love. I really have to see the light shining out so bright. I have to be there for those I love and those that love me. Because I have respect, I don’t take life for granted.

There’s greatness in the life that we get to see. Experience. Let your life unfold, that’s the reason you got to survive. Make love. Kiss somebody.

I was given the opportunity to get it right this time. To see my mother growing strong. Be the father that I never had. Stand tall and run away from attempts that lead to my downfall. Be there for my friends. Take care of the ones needing my care. Share what I have. Laugh at it. Have family reunions. Have it with fork and knife.

Now I see why all along I was kept and survived to see it all. Learn how to swim. Take a deep breath and think straight when hell is breaking loose. Stand for what’s right. No to women and child abuse.

I really have to survive: as I keep on living, something keeps on being revealed. Brought to my attention. Be on the lookout for opportunities. Here’s one, here’s another one. To survive. Write. While you read.

It keeps on with a thousand reasons why he survived tragedies.


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