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Is it possible for me to send my work to FunDza via Whatsapp?
Muchmoney · 2 weeks ago
So if i make a mistake will you correct it?
Melly early · 3 weeks ago
Hi there Matakane, send your work to writing@fundza.co.za and we will publish it on our site.
Team FunDza · 2 months ago
I'm a poet but I don't know how to get published please help me.
Matakane · 2 months ago
Please help me because i have been a poet for 6 years now but i don't get a publisher to publish my poets
The love poet · 9 months ago
Im a good story writer and i can even create a daily soapie(drama)..can u help me,my talent is wasted because of lack of opportunities 😭
Gugue Black · 10 months ago
Please send us a message on Facebook or email info@fundza.mobi so we can help you.
Team FunDza · 11 months ago
I cannot read books on fundza since the design changed even when I press nothing happens I can't open the book
black power · 11 months ago
Hi, congrats on having so many readers - that's fantastic! Feel free to send some of your writing to FunDza...!
Team FunDza · 11 months ago
I don't have matric and I'm not trained to be a professional writer but I did open myself a page on Facebook where I post my stories and i have more than 1000 readers following my page but the probleem is I want people to see why I really wanna write and i have learned behind every smiling face is a story to tell
WillmaryBeukes · 11 months ago