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Hey guys,I'm Emmo and I've just registered! I'm awfully elated and I can't wait to share some of my stories with you.
Emmo · 2 weeks ago
Oh thank you 😊
Goosebumps · a month ago
Hey mbali welcome
Tshxs · 2 months ago
Hi Mbali
Slie Kattz · 2 months ago
hi guys am new. I go by the name mbali
1985luckymbali · 2 months ago
So how long does it generally take for you guys to publish ones writing?
Slie Kattz · 5 months ago
Hi Por, you can send your work to us via email at writing@fundza.co.za or via WhatsApp just text “Hello” to 0600548676 and follow the menu prompts.
Team FunDza · 6 months ago
@ Karabomanganeng There's only one way to find out. TYPE IT!!! Want to see it.
Slie Kattz · 6 months ago
How do I post my work
Por · 6 months ago
I want type my drama.i'm not sure if you'll like it....
karabomanganeng · 6 months ago