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Hi Kwandiswa, which quiz are you referring to so we can look into the problem.
FunDza Team · a week ago
How come that I'm not able to view the survey quiz please help
Kwandiswa · a week ago
Hi Ndoni ya manzi - sorry - we do try to answer comments where relevant. But if people are asking the same question, we may only answer once. If we've missed something, please let us know. Or email us on info@fundza.co.za
Mignon · 3 months ago
To be honest sometimes FunDza team you are not fair! I've been reading the comments in here, there are those you answer and others you act as if you didn't see them. This is heart broking please change don't let that thing to change FunDza to an unfair site, because as you guys rocks!!!
Ndoni ya manzi · 3 months ago
FunDza rocks!!! My friend have been struggling with English especially when it comes to paper 3. She used to get lowest mark in that paper, but then when I told her about FunDza miracles happened! She's now gets the highest mark in the class when it comes to paper 3 I salute you! Keep it up!
Ndoni ya manzi · 3 months ago